First Post - Welcome and Why I thought I should Start This Site

Welcome! And thank you for visiting this site. You may already know who I am from the work that I've been doing primarily in Alberta's (Canada) health care system and elsewhere with some evaluative work that I've done independently. If you've met me while working within Alberta's only health care authority, you will remember us working together to support various project work in Acute, Continuing, and Correctional care, in Corporate Strategy (by enhancing the patient experience and promoting patient safety) and with the province's health ministry within the division that administers publicly-funded health care insurance.  

But it's probably more than likely that most of you on this site haven't met me; so let me tell you about how I got into health care and why I started this site...  

After graduating from university a few years ago and with an accounting degree in tow, I came to the same 'cross-roads' that we all come to when trying to decide what the heck we are going to do with the rest of our lives... It just so happened that, by then, I already had some opportunities to work within Alberta's publicly-funded health care delivery system as a student and came to appreciate the complex, ever-so evolving (and sometimes deeply frustrating) world of health care. Deciding to forgo the dim lights of the photocopy rooms that my fellow accounting peers typically found themselves working in while earning their spots with big accounting firms, I decided to immerse myself further into the health care system and all its different 'streams' of work (and there are quite few, I can tell you...)

"Why?" you ask? Because I saw it as the perfect opportunity to see my work as service in action; the work that I would be doing was going to filter to real, tangible impact on people (i.e., patients, clients, communities), working to raise their state of health—whether that impact was felt physically, mentally, or even spiritually for some. And for that reason, I decided to call this site the same—'Raise Health'—and I will be dedicating my time and energy to share with you opinions, theories and practical ideas and projects for how we can all 'raise' the quality and standard of health within our communities and within our health care system, whether it's delivered or funded privately, publicly, through non-profits, through individual initiatives or otherwise. 

I will also be hosting a few public engagement sessions where we can talk together, in person (and perhaps eventually though virtual sessions online), about how health care 'works' in the Canadian context: how it's managed and delivered, who makes important decisions about it, why certain costs are covered publicly and why others are not, how it's funded, and how one can interact better with it. Navigate to the Calendar tab to find out when those events are occurring near you.  

Also, don't hesitate to get in contact with me—I'd love to hear your thoughts on the current state of the health care system, social and economic policy that affects population health or examples of great work happening (or work that you are sponsoring) in your community that raises the standard of health. Send an email my way through or navigate to the Contact page to use the site's webform.  

I'm looking forward to 'raising the conversation' about health with you. As you are probably already aware, there is a lot of difficult but rewarding work that needs to be done; and like most tasks, it's almost always easier to do difficult work together. 


Building the Narrative on Health and Health Care